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and our schools and teachers. thousands of good paying jobs it's the new resort casino at national harbor. but it won't happen unless lawmakers act right now. all that money -- and all those new jobs -- will go to delaware, pennsylvania, west virginia. the only loser: maryland schools. tell your delegate and state senator to vote yes for schools,
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jobs, and small businesses by saying yes to national harbor. and good morning to you.
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it is 6:40. you no doz know has a strict policy -- disney has a strict policy about people in costumes coming to there. thomas is the spitting image of santa claus. he always attracts attention and it was no different when he went to disney on vacation. park officials asked him to dress to change the clothes to a less santa-like appearance. and they told turn away children who asked to have their pictures made with him. >> they said you need to say, i am sorry, i'm not who you think i am. i am on vacation and you need to leave me alone. >> a disney rep says they asked him to change because his attire was disruptive and they said confusing to guests. thomas said he wasn't wearing a costume at the time at all. a dalmation and a tot in competition over the elusive red laser dot. they both fell for the laser pointer trick. there's the dog. and there's the kid.
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well, two rockville firefighters hurt on the job while trying to put out flames at a furniture sister. who dozens -- store. what dozens of firefighters had to deal with at the scene. images to show you in a bit. >> also a well respected switch comb facing -- swim coach facing serious allegations from a decade ago. what a student the claiming happen today her. >> also putting his life at ricks once again. now -- risk once again. now what he wants to go once again. >> the dry seasonable weather is being replaced by the hot and humid weather. how hot it would feel coming up. >> a few issues to talk about across baltimore city. we'll detail that coming up. we'll take you outside coming up after the break. hi parents, big year for spelling.
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and we know when they start to get into if upper 630s and 70s we're going to start feeling it. we have a heat advisory to talk about so let me show you the yateses under the heat advisory that goes into effect at lunchtime today. basically every area in the orange color. that expires at 8:00 this evening but it could be reissued as we go into tomorrow because we still will be
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dealing with heat and humidity. temperatures this morning, we have 70 degrees -- [ no audio ] >> charlie, on to you.
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who could kidnap cal ripken jr.'s mother? abc2 news linda so is here with more on the investigation. >> reporter: we're expected to learn more from aberdeen police. they're expected to release another press statement later today. police are hoping surveillance cameras at a baltimore county royal farms and a diner will provide some clues. the suspect got gas and food at the station as he drove around for hours. after kidnapping vi ripken outside her aberdeen home. why? did the suspect know who he had or was it random? vi ripken has been a pillar in the community. she helped create the boys and girls club of harford county. >> she brings her talent to the organization. obviously 22 years in the
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organization. she brings it every day. she cares about kids. and she realizes you know they were only kids once and she's a hard working board member, very dedicated. >> reporter: and when we spoke with aberdeen police about two hours ago, they said they're getting ready to release another press statement. sometime today. >> okay we look forward to that of course but what do we know right now? >> reporter: really not much. the description is pretty vague. and police are hoping to look over the surveillance video that they got from that baltimore county royal farms and diner where that suspect got gas and food. they hope to provide more clues. >> thank you so much. a well respected swim coach with swim club locations in virginia and maryland now being accused by a former swimmer of sexual abuse. in the 1980s when he was only 13 years old. curran made confidential court documents public this week supposedly signed by curl in
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which he admitted to the relationship, he agrees to pay $150,000 for her and her family to keep quiet. >> i trusted him and my parented trusted hem. -- parents trusted him. everybody trusted him. and that trust was broken. >> curran says there are more victims and curl has decided to take a leave of absence effective immediately. a large sinkhole opened up in east baltimore and it's the late estimate string of aging infrastructure problems for the baltimore city area. and abc2 news' sherrie johnson is live this morning outside there on monument street with the very latest. this all happened yesterday afternoon? >> reporter: yes, we are here on east monument street and east baltimore. just a few feet away from that large sinkhole. you can see it behind me here. it's actually in that tensioned in area. we're near johns hopkins hospital and this street is busied you know people -- busy as you know people living in and out of the city. this is more proof that
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baltimore needs to be repaired. this is a sinkhole about two feet wide. 6 feet long and 20 feet deep. it closed east monument about 1:00 p.m. yesterday between north patterson park avenue and north mumford avenue. this section will be closed for at least a week, possibly longer. it depends on how long it takes crews to repair it. now strong smell of gas forced businesses to close and bought bge repair crews to the scene. they found no leaks but it did affect 14 homes and businesses. the department of public works says the hole was likely caused by damage to a 120-inch brick storm drainage that carries much of the area's rainwater to the inner harbor. now you can head to the website at and we have a story on -- in our slide show and it has a list of alternate routes that you can take if this is an area that you drive around for your morning commute. so we have a list of alternate routes for you. it's in the slide show on our website.
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reporting live in east baltimore, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. and new this morning, two montgomery county firefighters needed help fighting a business fire. they both had heat related issues yesterday evening fighting the fire inside the mar low furniture on rockville pike in mar low. no word yet on a cause. well, new this morning baltimore native and filmmaker matthew van dyke is heading back into the war zone. he's telling abc2 news he wants to travel to syria in september to film the civil war going on in the country. he returned from libya last november where he joined the rebel fighters in that country before muammar gadhafi's soldiers they captured him. as a result he spent months in prison in libya. the state department including maryland congressman worked to free matthew van dyke. five things to know. funeral services are happening today for the victim in the colorado theater massacre. 12 people died and 58 others
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were injured last friday morning in the shooting. how much investors like facebook will be releasing their public earnings report. facebook's stock has been on a roller coaster ride since the may debut. and the world's largest retailer now being sued by a disability rights group over the payment machines and checkout counters. the group claims ball mart doesn't make it -- wal-mart doesn't make its machines accessible to customers in wheelchairs or scooters,. education officials in maryland approved changes to the discipline policy and cut back on suspensions and expulsions. the change comes after the national debate after what to do with so many students after they have been expelled or suspended. the final vote is due next month. today could be the busiest day in history for heathrow airport in london. expected to handle a quarter million passengers coming in with the opening ceremonies
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beginning tomorrow for the olympics. time now for one more check of the forecast. a lot going on lynette. we have the fair, baseball, restaurant week, soccer you name it it's happening this weekend. >> exactly and this weekend should be a little bit better. temperatures will be going down but still will be hot. especially for july and then we're heading into august. so this is what we're looking at right now on the satellite and radar. the cluster of showers and thunderstorms now getting closer to us. it is in western maryland at this time and you can already see the clouds stretching tall way over getting close to frederick and car roll county. you heard me say this morning if the clouds extend further inwards the temperature that i'm forecasting today close to 99 will be held down a little bit. also we have the chance for the scattered showers and thunderstorms to pop as we go into the afternoon. but look at what we have right now. a beautiful sunrise in mount airy this morning and the sunshine mixing with that cloud cover will continue as we head throughout the day. another concern of ours, the reason why we will get the showers and thunderstorms popping as we go into the afternoon is well, this tongue of moisture will slide to the
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east and dew points are already rising. 66 for right now and when i showed you this earlier this morning we were in the low 60s. future trend picking up on the fact that we have showers and thunderstorms possible by rush hour. and then we will do it all over again as we head into tomorrow. the storm prediction center does have us in a slight risk for severe weather and we'll keep our eyes peeled for that. more cloud cover could keep the 99 down for today and heading to the game today at 12:35 first pitch is. 94 i do believe that will still should be dry at that time. no wet weather. but the seven day forecast brings those temperatures down a bit by the weekend. let's get a check now of the abc2 timesaver traffic mike masco. it's 395 at 95 still being impacted from an earlier accident. they have that cleared off to the left shoulder lanes so that's some good news. if up to the north and another accident northern parkway at hillen road. that's going to tie up, the
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speed sensors down to around 25 miles per hour. then again all of the concerns will focus in baltimore city during the course of this afternoon. certainly going to be in the next couple of days for the next couple of days. monument street being impacted by that sinkhole. patherson, millton avenue use that route 40 alternative route. let's go outside live and we'll take a look. this is this shot. starting to get busy out there. we'll take a look at traffic inside "good morning america." ♪ that's just -- ♪ that's how i wake up. no record deal in the future here. that's et, a 30-year-old pacific walrus. at the point of defiance. in a zoo and aquarium in tacoma, washington. sounds like mike masco earlier  this morning. >> taco bell trip. >> give me one more. come on. >> come on you got it.
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>> don't hold back. that i boy. apparently he was unhappy. we'll have that on for you a bit later. to new york now for "good morning america." we're back in 25 minutes. >> that's gross.
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here's scott goldberg. >> reporter: anybody watching [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway:
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